by Glenn Lazar Roberts COMING SOON (published by TWB Press). . .

“I stepped through the wall and the molecules that formed the gypsum and paint on the building that was the pride of Ciudad Juarez again became impenetrable. Outside, I re-attached my finger. Pinky. I smiled at the nickname. Pinky this, moronista! I told you no jail could hold me. Who the hell fucks over his worst enemy, gives him the keys to the Universe, then fucks him over again? Well, that’s their hard luck, cause when Pinky gives them the finger, they stay fingered. I’m just that kinda guy.”

Quantum mechanics meets hard-boiled detective in this classic film noir take-off on Dashiell Hammett’s famous Sam Spade and Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe.

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RECENT REVIEWS of Quantum Marlowe:

“Raymond Chandler meets Hitchhiker’s Guide meets Monty Python. What a crazy, fun read!” —D.L. Young, author The Dark Republic series.

“Just wow. Quantum Marlowe is a fun romp that mixes the detective genre with science fiction. It brought to mind authors like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. Funny, vivid, and often strange, this book is it’s own adventure and worth the journey.” —jddehart

“Quantum Marlowe is a quirky Tech noire which features a gritty, fast talking detective, traveling through parallel universes and dimensions to track down a powerful relic. Once he obtains it, Marlowe must outmaneuver a drug-pushing mafia queen, mad-hatter scientists, and a gang of hardened killers, in order to keep it and return it to its rightful place. The clever narrative takes us through a high stake, high energy quest while introducing intriguing ideas of quantum dynamics… An entertaining joyride that challenged the reader with its complexity and layered nuances.” —Felicia Mack Little, author of Scions of Darkness.

“Glenn Lazar Roberts is one of the finest writers of unconventional prose in contemporary fiction. His wonderfully inventive plots and mastery of the language place him in the company of Calvino, Burges, Gass…” —C. Thorman, author Holy Orders

“I’m a big fan of Hard Sci-Fi books. The Science was ‘hard’ for me to grasp [but] due to how the plot is developed, I still recommend the book.” —E. Ruschman