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a new novel  by  Glenn  Lazar  Roberts

“Never trust eight wheels and a smile.” Maggie and her all-girl roller derby team rule the mean streets of Los Angeles in this satirical take-off of the 1979 cult classic movie The Warriors. Maggie and her Warriors must return to Santa Monica to stop a conspiracy of aliens who want to flood the Earth with Global Warming. Political Correctness meets its match in this work of eccentric mania. Book 3 of Adventures of the Radiated Lesbian Nun

Did you enjoy that classic 1979 movie The Warriors, about street gangs in New York City? Well, you’ll love this full-length 73,000 word parody of that great movie, about all-girl roller derby gangs in Los Angeles. A very funny poke in the eye to ignorant but self-righteous Social Justice Warriors. Read excerpt. . .

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Quantum Marlowe did not make the final round of the Dragon Awards, but it was nice to be nominated.

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