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THE WARRIORS by Glenn Lazar Roberts. Adventures of Maggie, the Radiated Lesbian Nun, Book 3.

“Never trust eight wheels and a smile.” Social Justice Warrior Maggie and her all-girl roller derby team rule the mean streets of Los Angeles. When Sirius, leader of a rival team, is assassinated in Griffith Park, the Warriors get blamed, and Maggie must lead her roller-derby gang across Los Angeles through hostile roller derby gangs seeking revenge for the death of Sirius. Will snowflakes and the easily offended find Safe Spaces inside? Heyll NO! Will the brave reader find lots of laughs? Heyll YES! Political Correctness meets its match in this work of manic genius.

This book is the ONLY satirical take-off of the 1979 classic cult New York City gang movie The Warriors. Be sure to see the movie BEFORE reading this book! It’s also recommended to first read RLN Books 1 & 2, because it’s one continuing story. Click here for more. . .

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Confessions of a CIA Spy in the Soviet Union by Glenn Lazar Roberts

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A memoir of my personal experiences in the Soviet Union from a journal I kept at the request of the CIA in 1990, a short time before the USSR dissolved. I had just completed a Master’s degree in Russian-Islamic relations at an Ivy League university and was fairly fluent in both Russian and Arabic. Never before published anywhere or discussed with anyone. Many comments on Russian history and the nature of Islamic societies. Will include my stays in Ukraine, Hungary, and Israel.

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JIHAD BUBBA by Glenn Lazar Roberts. (FREE COPY FOR A LITERATE REVIEW: How to Review a Book)

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Don’t miss Bubba’s antics as he struggles to cope in a futuristic sci-fi world peopled by smart-alec robots and run by braless, purple-haired SJWs. Watch Bubba get tired of losing and finally Go For Broke with unpredictable consequences for everyone. My most hilarious and irreverent work. Irreverent, that is, to self-righteous SJWs. This satire is guaranteed to trigger and macro-aggress every purple-haired and blue-nosed Social Justice Warrior school-marm everywhere. Click here for more. . .

REVIEW: “Do not read this book straight through. Read it until you burst out laughing. . .” David M. (5 stars)

For the full story on the struggle to publish Jihad Bubba, see the blog entry The Saga of Jihad Bubba on the right>>



QUANTUM MARLOWE by Glenn Lazar Roberts

“I stepped through the wall and the molecules that formed the gypsum and paint on the building that was the pride of Ciudad Juarez again became impenetrable. Outside, I re-attached my finger. Pinky. I smiled at the nickname. Pinky this, moronista! I told you no jail could hold me. Who the hell fucks over his worst enemy, gives him the keys to the Universe, then fucks him over again? Well, that’s their hard luck, cause when Pinky gives them the finger, they stay fingered. I’m just that kinda guy.”

Quantum mechanics meets hard-boiled detective in this classic film noir take-off on Dashiell Hammett’s famous Sam Spade and Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe. Click here for more. . .


New Review! “Wheels within wheels—well done and funny. I started laughing on page 1. . .Is there any way you could resist asking for more?” —Mensa Bulletin Book Reviews

A nominee in Dragon Award’s Best Science Fiction Novel category.

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NEWS: I have recently completed the Prequel to Maalstrom, titled Temple of the Double-Sun, a novella of 34,000 words. This work tells the story of the original colonists from Earth as they land on the virgin uninhabited planet Maalstrom with instructions to colonize the planet. Needless to say, things go very wrong. For readers of Maalstrom and The Selk King who were wondering how it all started and why there are occasional remnants of a prior technical civilization, the story Temple of the Double-Sun will answer all your questions.

MAALSTROM by Glenn Lazar Roberts.

Descendant of forgotten colonizers from Earth, the ruthless warrior-noble of the ancient City of Ven, Flores of the Turlicum, plunges into vicious wars on the alien planet Maalstrom. Stumbling into Ven’s forbidden Temple, Flores falls for the beautiful priestess Amina, and unleashes events that threaten to undermine the planet’s fragile inter-species truce. In the tradition of Robert E Howard’s Conan stories and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Martian series, bloody primitive conflict at its best. Click here for more. . .

“Glenn Lazar Roberts is one of the finest writers of unconventional prose in contemporary fiction. His wonderfully inventive plots and mastery of the language place him in the company of Calvino, Burges, Gass… Roberts has created a world of scary prescience and hair-raising adventure… Maalstrom is not only highly imaginative, it’s a splendid work… Highly recommended.” —C. Thorman, author of Holy Orders


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THE SELK KING by Glenn Lazar Roberts.

Flores of the Turlicum pursues his lost love Amina, priestess of the forbidden Temple of Vensa, across the alien planet Maalstrom to Ra’Allah, the Island of the Sun-God. In another plot filled with eccentric characters and gruesome combat, Flores discovers the Black Pillar at the center of the world and climbs from its lowest reaches to the selks’ crystalline city in the clouds. The mysterious relationships that link Maalstrom’s bizarre species further unfold in THE SELK KING. In the tradition of Robert E. Howard’s Conan and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars, Flores of the Turlicum is bloody heroic fantasy at its best! Click here for more. . .

“Compelling. Any sci-fi enthusiast would love this book.” —Writer’s Digest

“A great sci-fi fantasy story… The story line was fantastic and intriguing… A good read!” —Marilyn Vine, Vine Voice

“A complex feat of world-building postulating a bizarre yet philosophically intriguing and enterprising alternative to Evolution.” —Mallory A. Haws The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

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Traditional Islamic law has long been regarded as academic, local in nature, and relevant only as a measure of the inadequacy of women’s rights in the family law regimes of a few Islamic states. In opposition, the author argues that the Sharia is both a quasi-regional customary international law capable of competing with prevailing customary international law, and brings its own international agenda of “Islamic human rights” that compete with and seek to displace “Western human rights.” Rather than acknowledging the rights of Muslims qua Muslims internationally, aggressive proponents of an “American customary-law-of-human-rights school” have responded with a new militant doctrine of “instant customary law” to aid the U.S. in its “war on terror,” targeting the Sharia wherever encountered, and triggering a global “war on Islam.” PLS NOTE: this is an academic work with many footnotes. If footnotes intimidate you, do not buy it.

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The delayed development of the Islamic world, in defiance of the formulaic approaches long favored by economists, suggests that traditional Sharia and Islamic values and principles are at least partially responsible for the region’s persistent backwardness. By analyzing the impact of the legal regime of the Sharia on Saudi Arabia during the Arab Oil Bust of the 1980s, this thesis concludes that Islamic social values and the Sharia’s de facto role as an uncodified pre-emptive Arab common law implemented with high regard to precedent by ulama with extraordinary power of judicial review had the effect of accentuating the effects of the Oil Bust, making the theory of the Petrocurse a subset of a larger Cost of Being Muslim. On the other hand, the author concludes that not only is the Sharia not constrained by its nature to playing a deleterious economic role, but that it has broad commercial application, both domestically and internationally, and a new generation of more flexible Muslim economists, lawyers, and financial theorists have pointed the way toward a possible comprehensive modern adaptation of Islamic laws and principles. PLS NOTE: this is an academic work with many footnotes. If footnotes intimidate you, do not buy it. 

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This was written with the aid of my graduate research on site in Russia and Uzbekistan. During the revolutionary period the Soviets came into political and cultural conflict with Russia’s Muslims. Despite indications that the majority of Muslims desired political unification based on their Islamic heritage, the Party divided them into separate “nationalities” along narrow ethnic lines, incorporated most into the RSFSR, and attempted to uproot traditional Islamic institutions and customs under the aegis of class war. Resistance took the form of pan-Muslim nationalism, a reformist political conception with roots in the Near East. This conflict not only aborted the export of revolution to the Islamic world, contributing to the passing of the revolutionary era in Russia, but aided Stalin’s rise to power. Soviet policy succeeded politically, defining the terms of interaction between Russians and Soviet Muslims for the next 70 years, but failed culturally in 1921-22, when the Party was forced to suspend its “war on Islam” as the price of political control. PLS NOTE: this is an academic work with many footnotes. If footnotes intimidate you, do not buy it. 

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