by Glenn Lazar Roberts. Pop the Thunderbird wine and break open the nopalitos, because Maggie the Radiated Lesbian Nun is igniting fires and breaking hearts from Santa Monica to across the galaxy! Raised in a secret convent in Area 51, young Maggie is caught up in alien plans for global warming in this hilarious satire of political correctness featuring Amelia Earhart, J. Edgar Hoover, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hoffa, Joseph Smith, Harry S. Truman, D.B. Cooper, Howard Hughes, and Stalin, with re-appearances of the Jello Brothers, the incompetent German agents Heinz and Huntz, Seaboot Captain French, galactic toads, and more Evil Mimes than you can shake a stick at—which is highly recommended.

Political correctness may never recover from this no-holds-barred satirical science fiction novel about a galactic conspiracy to raise ocean levels on planet Earth to suit an alien species, which only Maggie can stop. Don’t miss the antics of the ultimate, man-hating Social Justice Warrior, Maggie P. Squatch, who is illiterate but self-righteous, and always just one second away from hair-trigger violence. Will Social Justice Warriors be offended even inside their safe spaces? Heyll YES! Cross-Dressers From Pluto is Book 2 in the series Adventures of Maggie, the Radiated Lesbian Nun.


Funny. This [is] a fun short take which will have you laughing out loud as you read. You will never see area 51 the same again.” —Tanyawriter (5 stars)

Bizarro SF Humor. Sequel to ADVENTURES OF THE RADIATED LESBIAN NUN. Bizarro humor cranked up, from whatever-happened-to Hoffa and Elvis, on to saving-the-world from aliens, Earth’s rescuer being a strong-willed hardheaded nun from yes, Area 51.” —Mallory A. Haws: The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

Day of the Ribbet. Confusing read but it all comes together by the end.” —William Washburn (4 stars)

“Nuts!” —

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It’s best to read the entire RLN series in sequence: Judge Crater Takes A Powder, then Cross-Dressers From Pluto, then The Warriors (publication unfortunately delayed).