About Us


EQUUS PUBLISHING plans to publish books of interest to men—promoting masculinity and clear gender roles while rejecting the Cultural Marxist agenda to separate gender from sex, and endorsing collaboration among males while combating agendas of perpetual male competition and systematic disruption of male-only societies. Equus is looking for political works, sociology, historical revisionism, masculine psychology, and exposés of media censorship. Equus is not interested in porn or romance. Equus has no safe spaces; the more provocative, the better.

DARK LOTUS BOOKS is an Equus imprint, publishing exotic fiction, adventure fantasy, satire, the macabre, the outré, classic sword-and-sorcery, and the Just Plain Weird, by lurkers in the dark. First works are by this lurker to attract the truly weird. If your market is coffee house poetry readings at Barnes & Noble, there are plenty of mega-corp cellophane publishers for you, but if lurid growths spring from your fevered pen spurred by madness, then we want to see it.

About Glenn Lazar Roberts: Former taxi driver, security guard, cook, real estate salesman, musician, Glenn in pre-Internet days worked for a fiction publishing house as a submissions reviewer and editor. A lover of languages, Dr. Roberts has degrees in history, anthropology, and law, has taught college, and has translated both Russian and Arabic professionally. He is an international attorney, having done graduate work in Soviet Uzbekistan and represented members of the Wagge tribe of the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea in negotiations with mineral interests. Glenn has written a short story in Arabic and writes reviews of books in several languages. Glenn wrote his first novel (Maalstrom) at the age of twenty, and he is still writing great weird books such as Quantum Marlowe, now available at Amazon from TWB Press. (Note to a clueless reviewer who accused me of shilling for Canali suits in Quantum Marlowe: there is no such thing as a Canali suit!!—I made that up out of ‘whole cloth’ after verifying that no such brand exists. One just can’t get good help these days.)

READ-ABLEBOOKS.com: Having published one children’s book under the rubric Read-AbleBooks, I’m considering looking at others that concern children with disabilities.