Confessions & latest news

Despite careful proofreading, the sample copies of ‘Confessions’ revealed several typos. I really, really hate typos. I corrected all of them n reposted the file on Amazon. ‘Confessions’ should be typo-free now but the book may not be available for shipping until Tuesday, Sep 5.

My sci-fi novel The Glow has been carefully proofread n submitted to a major sci-fi publisher. It will be a few weeks before I get an answer. It might be helpful if I had an agent to help open some doors, but I have an issue with NYC publishers anyway, so maybe not. One of my queries to a NYC publisher received a reply roughly in the vein of “How dare you propose that we publish a book such as you described in your query. Don’t ever contact us again!” That was likely ‘Cross-Dressers From Pluto’ which I finally self-published. Originality and humor just cannot find an audience among agenda-driven Woke NY publishers. That’s why I am open to publishing similar creative works by others. No one else will do it. Agents tend to be in bed with publishers anyway–literally.