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I have been away from this blog for a good while but much has been happening in the background. Equus Publishing has always been mostly a vehicle for publishing my own works so I have usually declined to publish other people’s works while I waited to attract attention from entities that have more marketing capacity than I possess. In short, I have been waiting to be discovered, confident (hoping?) that good writing and great stories have not yet completely disappeared from modernity. I have had little time to devote to this endeavor. Writing and self-publishing on Equus from the beginning has always been a very part-time activity as I spend most of my time translating Russian and Arabic texts, and helping out my kids, who, thankfully, are now grown and need little assistance.

Now the raw meat. Several months ago a sizable publisher took an interest in my books and a few weeks ago this publisher purchased the rights and signed contracts to re-publish the following novels:

The Glow

The entire 3-book series of the Adventures of Maggie, the Radiated Lesbian Nun:

Judge Crater Takes a Powder (Book 1)
Cross-Dressers From Pluto (Book 2)
The Warriors (Book 3)

I do not yet know the particulars of the re-publishing, whether the new books will be issued under the original format or as second editions. I am confident, tho, that the original covers, designed by Yours Truly, will be discarded. I liked them, but I am the first to admit that the covers were amateurish and not suitable for commercial works.

Meantime, a second publisher has also expressed an interest and a couple of weeks ago I signed more contracts with this other publisher. The first publisher focuses on literature, tho perhaps ‘literature’ is not the best term to describe zany sci-fi works such as Adventures of the Radiated Lesbian Nun. The second publisher prefers more politically oriented works and they will publish my latest manuscript, Jihad Bubba. Jihad Bubba has never been published before anywhere.

Pursuant to both sets of contracts, I am in the process of removing all current venues where the above books are offered for sale. These books should no longer be available for purchase anywhere, in any format, including the Equus website.

The Equus Publishing website will continue in operation—made easier by my switching to a subscriber service for the newsletter, which I hope will make sharing news with subscribers easier than when I was sending newsletters directly from the Equus website, which caused no end of IP issues.

The following books are still for sale from this website: Maalstrom; The Selk King; Frenzy; and my children’s story, The Handwalkers. These have not (yet?) been purchased for re-publication. The pages for my other books will forward the reader to the appropriate publisher for purchase. Quantum Marlowe, in some ways the best book I have ever written, continues to be sold by a third publisher.

As details of these publications, and re-publications, come available, I will enter them on this blog, and send them out via the Equus Newsletter. This blog will no longer send alerts to subscribers when I post here. Blog alerts were too much trouble and sent out too many alerts. I am not a techie and did not always handle alerts correctly. So, looking forward, interested readers should sign up in the new Subscriber box to get my Newsletters with the latest news, or check back to this blog manually.

My college theses also continue to be available for purchase: Sharia Law & the Arab Oil Bust; Islamic Human Rights & International Law; and Commissar & Mullah: Soviet-Muslim Policy From 1917 to 1924. If I am spared the years, I may eventually see one or more of these theses updated and published by a university press. Please note: these are graduate academic works and contain many, many footnotes, sometimes very dense. These works are not for casual reading or the faint of heart. If you are intimidated by footnotes, don’t buy them.

Glenn Lazar Roberts

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