New York publishers & the PC Cult

The latest news from the mega-corporate monopoly publishing houses in New York City is that they are now requiring a litmus test to be applied to all books they publish. This litmus test is straight from the PC Cult, demanding diversity, equity, and inclusion, which as all independent analysts realize means the exact opposite of what these terms denote, i.e., few whites, legal privileges for special ethnic interest groups, and exclusion of white males. These are applied to the characters of every novel and story. Villains — as has long been the case in Hollywood shows and movies — must almost always be white males, and on occasion white females. This is what NY publishers call “diversity”.

Random House is owned by Advance Publications, a giant publishing conglomerate owned by Donald and Samuel Newhouse. Simon & Schuster is owned by the conglomerate National Amusements which is in turn owned by the even larger media conglomerate Viacom, until recently owned by one man: the late Sumner Redstone. The huge conglomerate Disney owns controlling interests in several other publishers of comic books and science-fiction novels, even if formally not headquartered in NYC. The vast media conglomerate Time-Warner owns DC Comics and movie adaptations of their comics such as Batman.

The six media empires work hand in hand as a virtual monopoly controlling what most of the large publishers — especially those headquartered in NYC — publish. Therefore one should beware of any book published in New York City. When you read a book published in NY, or by any of the many branches of the 6-headed media monopoly, ask yourself: Why did this publishing house publish this story instead of something else? With so many books being written, amounting to well over a million books annually and growing fast, why did a particular publisher publish this book and not one of the many manuscripts that are submitted to them, manuscripts that may vary from the agenda that they push? Their litmus test amounts to the ideology of “progressivism”.

Progressives often call themselves liberals. But there is a profound difference between a progressive and a liberal. A progressive is someone to whom causes are more important than truth, science, or human life. Progressives have no use for written constitutions, the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, private property, or elections. Liberals support all these things. Progressives believe there are no facts, that feelings create facts. Liberals believe in truth and science and the inalienable rights of every human. Progressives are members of a violent fanatical religion which they call Wokeness, which is better understood as a cult, the PC Cult, and require everyone to cave to its false catechism of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which as mentioned are in reality the exact opposite of what they say. Liberals allow people to choose their own religion and treat people equally.

Equus Publishing is devoted to publishing creative individuals who are actual liberals, and conservatives too. We have no litmus test and reject the conformity pushed by New York publishers and their PC Cult.