by Glenn Lazar Roberts. The hurricane party went well—until someone locked the doors. Now pretty biologist Carmen Niles must lead her friends through an underground maze, triggering a deadly scheme to sabotage the medical research center’s genechip experiments. The party-goers’ only escape is through a labyrinth of rapidly flooding pedestrian tunnels, with drug gangs, psychics, a stock fraud, and one-minute piranhas created by experimental “genechips” based on the ideas of famous physicist Stephen Wolfram. Glenn Lazar Roberts invites you into the deep, dark places where flat, grey walls glide endlessly, twisting, pressing in, waiting to trap lost souls, whose denizens, known for the “the strange way they walk,” people can “see right through.” Few heed Ed’s warnings that this water is from the spirit world and that their best protection will not be science, but charms.


“A terrifically fun read! Glenn Lazar Roberts squeezes a lot of horror, mystery and plain old fun into his new novel, Frenzy. Its pages are filled with a host of quirky characters with monikers such as “Wild Bill,” “Carm,” and “Cracker,” and the brisk dialogue and tight plot will keep the reader guessing until the final page. My suggestion? Grab a copy as fast as you can, turn down the lights and read this fast-paced novel. —Jerry Mohrlang, author of Sarawak, and Mujahidin.”

“This is a superb novella to pop in on and be thrilled with. Lots of twists and turns, lots of pop back-and-forth banter, and plenty of surprises. It’s written as a thriller with a subtle supernatural element mixed in. The author’s style makes it an easy read, with a quick paced flow. Several fully developed characters, each with their own unique story thread, lead to a well orchestrated avalanche of pandemonium. For those looking for entertainment, especially some thriller / horror, this is a good choice. Will help the day at the pool or trip on the plane fly right by. Definitely recommended.” —Troy F. Tinsman

“In Frenzy, Glenn Lazar Roberts takes the ideas of the physicist Stephen Wolfram on cellular automata and pushes them to the limit, weaving a tightly plotted thriller that is perfect for hard-core science fiction buffs.”  —

“A plot worthy of the movies! Frenzy by Glenn Lazar Roberts is a perfect example of building tension… Just when you think you have it all figured out, the plot twists again and sends you giddily in a different direction.”  —Michael Fox, author of Theater Boy

“Glenn Lazar Roberts’ fabulist thriller [has] skillfully woven topical issues—cancer research, technology, fraud—through a hair-raising plot. Frenzy is a super story. The reader turns pages eagerly right up to the astounding resolution. A must-read.”  —Carolyn Thorman, author of Holy Orders.

“Hip entertainment for sci-fi buffs. Glenn Lazar Roberts’ Frenzy is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller. Using a witty and satiric style, Roberts introduces us to…science gone too far. An entertaining work of speculative fiction that provides a great deal of food for thought.”  —John Dizon, author of Tiara.

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