The Earth Mother Goes Dark

In anticipation of my forthcoming book: SJWS & THE PC CULT, close to publication by Arktos, I got to thinking about the Cult and its oddities. Click here to see if the book is available yet.

As I’ve been saying for some years now, Political Correctness is not a secular movement but is a religion. A fanatical religion that embraces the use of violence, the Cult has infected so much of Washington DC that for all practical purposes, the PC Cult has become the state religion of not only all “Five Eyes” of the Anglosphere, including the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, but also the entire European Union. The Cult is a global and globalist religion, and as the state religion of the U.S., violates the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment prohibition on establishing a state religion. The Cult catechism “Diversity is our strength” is enforced by law everywhere in the borders of America and Europe in violation of multiple passages in the U.S. Constitution.

The god(dess) of the Cult is Mother Earth. Where Christians incurred original sin by disobeying their triune God, PC cultists see original sin in Whiteness, and melanin is a sacred substance guaranteeing salvation to “people of color”, the new Israel. Melanin marks one as one of The Chosen of Mother Earth. Melanin is from and part of the Earth, the outward marker of Chosenness. Whiteness symbolizes Chaos; Blackness symbolizes salvation and order. Sacred spaces are not for calming emotions — they are sanctuary spaces where the Chaos of Whiteness is barred by “priests” of the Cult, i.e., college instructors, from their “seminaries” or “mosques”. Today’s colleges are the seminaries of the PC Cultists in their worship of the Environmentalist Earth Mother, “Gaia”.

Yahweh was a traditional sky-storm god, as was Allah, which means only “the god”. Allah referred to the all-powerful storm god, meaning Dushurrah-Ba’al, he of the upraised right arm ready to throw the thunderbolt. The Earth Mother is entirely different, as Julius Evola pointed out, with cavities and caves of primary importance, in fact anything Earth-connected. These religious conceptions are polar opposites. Anointed by sacred melanin, the Mother’s ‘people of color’ are part and parcel of the Earth and have no connection to sky gods. They are not Sky-God-Rain, but Dark Matter.

The Cult has gone beyond erecting mere cultic statues to the Earth Mother. These can be found, but more important is that the Cultists have Africanized Her. The environmentalist Earth Mother of the PC Cult has Gone Dark. Best examples I have found are from the site:

In the above depiction, the African Earth Mother is looking down on Her child. We don’t know exactly who the child is, but given the picture’s similarity to Christian icons, and the halo around the child’s head, we are plainly being adjured to accept both entities as divine. She is the Virgin Mary / Earth Mother while he is the Christ child, also Africanized since melanin is the Earth sign of Chosenness, of divinity. The tan urban landscape behind them, reminiscent of the Mid-East, reinforce the notion that the two are to be understood in historical Christian terms, but with Mother Mary as divine, if not more so, than the Christ child.

In this next depiction, the halos have vanished, but the shape of the African Earth Mother’s hair is precisely as round as a halo, while the child seems merely a child, crying and fidgeting like any ordinary child. The emphasis is plainly even more on the Mother, not the child, whom we can safely de-capitalize. The green dress is emblematic of the Environmentalist Green Earth. The Earth is Black in essence, but produces greenness. We seem to be invited to accept the depiction as “all about Her” and “not much about him”. The Christ child is no longer Christ at all, but serves merely to reinforce the maternal quality of the Earth Mother, who is plainly African. The two pillars behind them seem to suggest historical Mid-East again, but the background is not presented with such deliberateness. We are invited to almost ignore the background. It’s All About Her and Her green fecundness.

Here the evolution has gone even farther. Though historical Middle Eastern elements have returned with the grey blocks and Christian spires in the town, and even though the Earth Mother has exchanged all possible halos for a light streaming down from Heaven upon Her, She is plainly the Earth Mother and the child is just as plainly not Christ, but is once again merely a child, its presence is only to remind the worshiper that She alone is Goddess, all-powerful, all-capable, including giving birth. She is the Creator. The child is in no way the focus of the picture. Her feet, demurely covered by a traditional Mid-Eastern desert-oriented shroud, are planted in the Earth itself, symbolized by the grey stones and her melanin is as-always the most important Earth-marker of sacredness. She could even be an Allah of the Earth, a female Allah who exchanged traditional black female desert garb for white and blue, the colors of the light streaming down. These are sky colors, not earth colors, but the dark arch on three sides confines Her down to the Earth, creating in essence a cave. She is as embedded as a pyramid, the ultimate Earth marker. The virgin aspect of the Madonna seems to be creeping in, visible in the downplayed status of the child. It seems to say that She can create what She wills when She wills, but that the birth of this child was not necessary or foreordained. She was not made pregnant by the visitation of God because She Herself is God and She Herself chooses when and how to create. The child is incidental. Once again, it is All About Her.

The annual Burning Man fire sacrifice to the Great Earth Mother. Pyramids are always Earth markers, marking efforts by the passive Earth Mother to approach and challenge the Sky, which is symbolically burned here in effigy. Male gods ain’t welcome round these parts. Noway, nohow.

Congressional Democrats indulging in ad hoc Cultic worship services. Note the neck wrap colored tan-brown-brick red with tinges of green, all Earth colors to bring them closer to the Earth Mother. They kneel to get closer to Her. If they were Christians, they would be climbing steps to a podium to get closer to the Christian Sky God, the source of His life regenerating Sky water. Cultists prefer caves, fire, pyramids (which symbolically have caves inside), they have little interest in baptism, at least baptism with water. Democrats are psychologically “allergic” to water because, instead of regenerating them, it tends to erase their ties to the Earth. Rising ocean levels they see as a catastrophe. Republicans not so much.

You can read more along these lines in “SJWs & The PC Cult”, soon to be published by Arktos.