Jihad Bubba has finally been accepted and published by Equus Publishing on Amazon. It has been a long struggle. See below for a series of updates.

NEWS ON EVADING THE CENSORS: After two years of attempting to find some way of evading the censorship imposed by outside organizations, the prior publisher Arktos, after purchasing the rights to JIHAD BUBBA, editing the manuscript, commissioning original artwork for the cover, and after being subjected to still more pressure to censor the book by Ingram, a giant of the publishing industry — reluctantly decided that it cannot publish JIHAD BUBBA after all, not even with the new, innocuous title of Red Pill Bubba. So the censors have won for now. Equus Publishing will publish the book soon with the same cover which Arktos sold to me. Arktos was actually the second publisher of JB; the first publisher wanted to publish it but finally declined on the grounds that “jihad” in the title might get all of their books banned. I did not believe them but that turned out to be prophetic.

NEWS: Several more websites have banned JIHAD BUBBA, but after extensive discussions with Amazon, Amazon has finally approved JIHAD BUBBA by Equus Publishing for sale on its website. The version of JIHAD BUBBA currently on Amazon, however, is from the previous publisher Arktos which reluctantly transferred all rights to JB back to me many months ago. Please do not purchase JIHAD BUBBA until the publisher info on Amazon is corrected to Equus Publishing LLC, ISBN 979-8-9875537-0-1, otherwise you will be buying it from a publisher that no longer owns the title and did not post the page.

LATEST: After several delays, Amazon now says that JB by Equus Publishing will be correctly posted by Feb 27, 2023, and will then be available for purchase with all the correct information. We shall see. . .

Feb 27: Nope, it is still not available and Amazon has now thrown up a new set of obstacles which were not required for any of the many other Equus books on Amazon. No new posting date has been proposed. . .

THE CENSORSHIP SAGA CONTINUES: Yes, as of 3-5-23 Amazon has finally posted JIHAD BUBBA for sale by Equus Publishing. However, Amazon has found yet another way to undermine the book–by continuing to offer an illegal version at a lesser price on an “orphan” page that the prior publisher Arktos did NOT post. Needless to say, Equus sales will be small as long as Amazon continues to offer for sale another version at a lesser price, even though Arktos halted all sales over 14 months ago.

MORE: Amazon categorically states that it will NOT remove the prior publisher’s orphan page, even tho the prior publisher Arktos has unequivocally stated that it did not post this page and will not fill any orders. And even tho Amazon is openly violating my copyright by leaving the orphan page in place. This is illegal, but that is what happens when monopolies take over–there is no legal way to enforce one’s rights when dealing with a monopoly.

INTERMEDIATE NEWS: The prior publisher Arktos has publicly announced that the monopoly distributor Ingram has banned ALL of Arktos’ books due to its publication of JIHAD BUBBA. Now that Arktos has publicly announced its banning I am now free to name Arktos as the previous publisher. Of course we know that Ingram was simply looking for an excuse and JB was the excuse they happened to seize upon. IOW, JIHAD BUBBA was the proximate cause of 340 conservative books by Arktos being banned by Ingram. That is CENSORSHIP in capital letters.

LATEST: March 8: Amazon requested that I submit several pages of detailed information showing that I am the exclusive owner of all rights to JB. I did so, twice now. Amazon stated they would reply within 2 business days.

March 14: It’s been 6 days and no reply from Amazon and the orphan page for JB is still up on Amazon and still offering illegal versions of JB at a low discounted price. I can only suppose that this is similar to “shadow” banning on places like Twitter and other Cultish websites. Underhanded and illegal, an indirect form of censorship, much like YT does when they ban someone but allow third parties to post commercial videos using the banned person’s voice and image. That too is illegal, but good luck trying to get YT to halt the practice. I have emailed Amazon politely reminding them that they said they would reply within 2 days regarding the infringement of my copyright. . .

March 15: Amazon still hasn’t replied. Instead they reduced the asking price for the illegal copy of JB even more, to half the legitimate price, further undermining legitimate sales. I could of course file a lawsuit and win it, which I could do for free since I am an attorney, but the result would be for all my books to be removed. Monopolies like Amazon are like City Hall. One can’t fight City Hall, even if one wins, one still loses.

March 16: After “pulling teeth” and politely lecturing Amazon on their need to comply with copyright law, they have finally conceded and completely removed the “orphan” page which Arktos could not remove because they did not post it. Arktos BTW has been tremendously cooperative and helpful in this matter and I have only the highest respect for them. But after all the struggle and debating, I can’t give Amazon high marks for doing the right thing but at least they did finally comply. The only version of JB posted on Amazon as of today is the Equus version, which is the correct legal version. Considering the widespread online censorship, I wonder how long Amazon will keep it on their site? After all, Ingram banned all of Arktos’ 340 books simply due to offering JB for sale. . .