The Gender Divide

If women run an organization, they hasten to fill it with their female friends just as they rush to join any organization where women are in control. But if men run it, they swiftly put up blocks to keep other men out while admitting women because they may be potential mates. Women look for reasons to include others, they lower entry standards in every organization they dominate, admitting marginally qualified people, and erasing barriers and borders. Women look for reasons to include others. Men look for reasons to exclude others, especially other males. The male hierarchy always want to raise the standards of admission and establish firm borders. That’s masculine nature.

This is why the Establishment and PC Cult seeks to erase national borders. The Cult is dominated by women, as evident in their worship of Mother Earth. And this is why men have no political power in the U.S. or the entire West today.

Every society ever found creates male-only organizations. If they are banned, as male-only orgs are in the US today, then men will set up underground even illicit orgs that emphasize physical stamina, like hunting clubs, or clandestine militias, or they will form street gangs that establish boundaries to keep out the competition. Or they join sports teams that engage in simulated combat against other male sports teams. This is masculine nature.

Men spontaneously form hierarchical organizations, which used to include academia. No longer. Since women came to dominate academia, standards have dropped, borders have become porous, and academic departments are now run by a consensus of superficial conformity. Women thus are allowed to achieve their full potential in modern America. But men will never be able to fulfill their nature until they finally decide to set up male-only political organizations that are of, by, and predominantly for men.