Don’t visit the Round House after dark… When they were children, Sam and his friends ignored the warnings of old Injun Willie and entered the abandoned Indian pueblo. Sam came out with perfect health, but his gift came with hallucinations and he had to learn how to stay in balance to avoid bursting into flames, like sleeping in the precise center of beds, keeping coins in each pocket, and never ever touching anyone.

At seventeen, Sam was forced to leave town. Six years later he returns home to find his girlfriend Lori—and finds her, only to discover that she is engaged to marry Sam’s worst enemy, the former town bully, Rose. Now running drugs, Rose plots with his father, Okwalla’s corrupt judge, to frame Sam. The plan goes horribly wrong when Lori’s wheelchair-bound younger brother, Ralph, drug-addicted by Rose, decides to visit the Round House to perfect his health, unleashing a contagion of “spontaneous” human combustion on the unsuspecting corrupt small town.


“The Glow, a psychological, Stephen King-type thriller by Glenn Lazar Roberts, is a science fiction, fantasy, horror story set in southwestern Native American country. It is an exciting, fast-paced tale that takes the reader through a roller coaster ride with strong vibes of traditional drug induced tribal folklore blended with unusual alien intrusion. His well-scripted characters are vivid actors who pull the reader into each vivid scene following a twisted plot to [its] climactic conclusion. The Glow is one of the best stories I have ever read.” —E L Russell, author Deadly Awakenings

“The Glow makes you perfect but perfection comes at a cost… This is a unique scifi thriller that mixes native culture with a small minded southwestern town. ‘Reverse The Glow? You can’t. All you can do is control it – maybe..’ ” —M.P.

This book has been bought by a larger publisher and is no longer available for purchase on Equus. More info will appear as it becomes available.