“Never trust eight wheels and a smile.” Social Justice Warrior Maggie and her all-girl roller derby team rule the mean streets of Los Angeles in this satirical take-off of the 1979 classic cult movie The Warriors. When Sirius, leader of a rival team, is assassinated in Griffith Park, the Warriors get blamed, and Maggie must lead her roller-derby gang across Los Angeles through hostile roller derby gangs seeking revenge for the death of Sirius. Unknown to Maggie, the gangs are directed by Evil Mimes in the service of politically incorrect galactic aliens who want to flood the Earth with Global Warming.

Features FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, Amelia Earhart, Joseph Smith, Judge Joseph Crater, astronomer Richard Pierson, the incompetent German spies Huntz and Heinz, Muslim Cross-Dressers Union Local 36, return of the Mormon hit-men Orange and Lemon Jello, Big Cigar Bill, Korplash and Xplak, Spike and Bigtooth, kid Gary, Howard Hughes, and many others. Will snowflakes and the easily offended find Safe Spaces inside? Heyll NO! Will the brave reader find lots of laughs? Heyll YES! Political Correctness meets its match in this work of eccentric mania, with a poke in the eye to self-righteous SJWs.

RECENT REVIEWS for The Warriors:

“She is part of a roller skate group who face danger when the leader of a rival team is found dead. They are blamed and now they need to find out who did it. Will they be in danger? Can they find the clues that are needed? Will they find the real person who did it? See if they do.” —Tanyawriter (5 of 5 stars)

“Brilliant.” —?? (anonymous in an email)

“Being a fan of the film “The Warriors” and the sport of roller derby, the plot of this book appealed to me. I didn’t realize it was the 3rd book in a series. I was lost b/c i hadn’t read the previous books. But yeah…this book was too ridiculous for me. It made no sense.” —John H. (1 of 5 stars).

AUTHOR COMMENT: If the title says “Adventures of Maggie, the Radiated Lesbian Nun – Book 3. A sci-fi parody / satire”, perhaps that is a fair indication that it is a humorous book that is part of a series. Could anyone miss that? It’s hard to find good help these days. . .