Background to Frenzy

When I wrote the sci-fi horror novel Frenzy 18 years ago, Houston’s tunnels had inundated due to Tropical Storm Allison. Here’s a picture of what happened to almost every pedestrian tunnel in Houston in 2001.

As a result of the devastation caused by Allison, Houston installed central command centers and gates much like submarine doors to compartmentalize Houston’s pedestrian tunnels, especially the tunnels under the medical center. Here are photos I took under the medical center during 2016.

Of course Hurricane Harvey hit in late 2017 causing over four times the damage as Allison. (I’m still feeling the effects of Harvey, literally). Here are some more photos of flooded Houston tunnels, though these may also be from Allison. Some of Houston’s tunnels flooded during Harvey, but the medical center activated their submarine doors and in 2017 was not flooded for the most part.

In my novel Frenzy, the unfortunate victims wade through just such a flood inside the tunnels when someone unleashes experimental piranhas assembled under scientific techniques described by the physicist Stephen Wolfram. I will soon be awarding a free copy of Frenzy to anyone who preorders a copy of my new novel The Warriors. Watch the landing page for details. -Glenn Lazar Roberts