Free copy of Frenzy

Now temporarily a coupon code is available to anyone who can send me a link showing that they have posted a review of ANY Equus or Dark Lotus book online. The review must be at least 3 sentences long but can be good, bad, or indifferent. As they say, any publicity is good publicity so long as they spell your name right.

Once I get the link, I will email you the coupon code which can be used to purchase a paper-back copy of Frenzy on this website. You still have to go thru the purchase process on this website and pay $2.00 for shipping within the continental US, but applying the coupon deducts $7.99 from the total cost.

This can be combined with purchase of other books and the flat rate of $2.00 still applies to the total. A condition of the discount is, if I like the review, I get to post it here on Equus Publishing. Obviously, this offer applies ONLY on this website, not to purchases of Frenzy on any other site, including Amazon or Ingram.