Free Judge Crater: limited time only

I am currently offering FREE ebook copies of my book Judge Crater Takes a Powder. This is the first book in the comedy sci-fi satire: Adventures of Maggie, the Lesbian Radiated Nun. I had great fun writing this book, and–warning–it is irreverent, adult, and very funny! The book has no Safe Spaces for snowflakes or the easily offended. From the back cover:

The most famous disappearance of the 20th century is solved as Supreme Court Justice Joseph Crater goes undercover for the FBI in this hilarious satire set in mid-century America, with an eccentric cast of characters including Amelia Earhart, J. Edgar Hoover, Orson Welles, incompetent German spies, Japanese submarines, space-folding transvestites, Mormon mafia, and recipe-obsessed nuns, exposing a galactic conspiracy of aliens intent on flooding the Earth through global warming.

RECENT REVIEW: “Roberts interweaves historical fact with castles in the air, dubiousness and irony to create a fast paced narrative filled with the almost plausible as well as out-and-out incredible in this sardonic romp. . . For those who like a bit of sarcasm swathed in quirkiness and screwball circumstance; Judge Crater Takes a Powder should prove to be a worthwhile read. Happy to recommend [it] for those not easily dismayed, repulsed or dazed.” —

I couldn’t have written a better review myself! Click here to grab your free copy of Judge Crater Takes a Powder. You will have to resubscribe to the Equus Newsletter, but not to worry. Resubscribing has no ill effects. You will still get only one copy of the Newsletter as always. And you can just as easily unsubscribe.

BTW, I am thinking of changing the cover. I designed it and I like it, but maybe it’s too busy for people who are used to making split second decisions in what to read based on the cover. Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should change the cover? I don’t know yet how to include an opinion poll in a Post or a Newsletter, so just email me at if you feel like reaching out. It’s rare for writers to get feedback, so I value each opinion I receive.

Before I move on to a different topic… Judge Crater was a real person. In the first few pages of my book, I relate every fact that is known about his disappearance on Aug 4, 1930. He had just returned from vacation. He did order his assistant, who was also named Joseph, to bring $5,150 from his bank, which in today’s money would be well over $100,000. He did have dinner with a love-interest, a showgirl named Sally, and with his lawyer friend, Bill, at Billy Haas Chopshop. He did leave them around 9 p.m. to walk to the Belasco Theater two blocks over and one block down from 44th St. to see the musical Dancing Partner. He also had a box under his arm the contents of which he apparently did not disclose to anyone, suggesting that he had an appointment with someone. Last item: he was married but recently separated.

He never arrived at the Belasco and for decades his disappearance was a popular topic of conversation, the Depression-era version of the 1970s disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Except there was no evident motive to explain Crater’s absence. And there was never a confession from anyone in gangland. He just walked into the night–and was gone. My book, though wild and crazy, is as good an explanation as any!

Glenn Lazar Roberts