Frenzy for Free

By clicking on the link below, you should be able to access a selection of free ebooks from Book Funnel, including my horror/sci-fi novel Frenzy. I put Frenzy on BF for free once before, but some people said they could not download. That should now be fixed. If there any issues, email me at glenn AT equus publishing DO T com. THIS DISCOUNT IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS. IT STOPS ON APRIL 6. Click here to get Frenzy for Free.

“The hurricane party went well—until someone locked the doors. Now pretty biologist Carmen Niles must lead her friends through an underground maze, triggering a deadly scheme to sabotage the medical research center’s genechip experiments. The party-goers’ only escape is through a labyrinth of rapidly flooding pedestrian tunnels, with drug gangs, psychics, a stock fraud, and one-minute piranhas created by experimental ‘genechips’ based on the ideas of famous physicist Stephen Wolfram.”


The picture is a genuine image of the great flood that inundated Houston’s pedestrian tunnels in 2000. This pic was taken beneath the Medical Center.

And don’t forget the imminent debut of my next book: The Warriors, a satire of the cult 1979 movie The Warriors, but about all-girl roller derby teams of Social Justice Warriors in Los Angeles instead of all-male street gangs in NYC. “Nuts!”