Immanentizing the Eschaton with The Glow

The past two months have been frenetic as I finished my latest novel and transferred the Equus Publishing site to a new host. The Glow is complete, designed, and almost out. The first copies from the printer had a small defect, but for me—always obsessed with immanentizing the Eschaton—no defect is small. New copies are on the way for final inspection. For an explanation of the phrase, see Robert Anton Wilson’s classic The Illuminatus Trilogy, which happily threw POV into the dirt and trampled it into nothingness, to my immense relief. No POV switcheroos in The Glow, however. This book is just straight fun.

Sam Trencher has a problem. To keep from exploding into flames, he must keep the exact same coins in each pocket. Six years ago he left his home town and his girl. Now he’s coming back to find her—but he can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. . .and his temperature is rising.

Listen to Injun Willie: Don’t visit the Round House after dark. . .or you too may catch The Glow. A fast-paced tale of human spontaneous combustion as contagious as Covid-19. This story actually had its basis in certain personal experiences. I will post details about this on my SubscribeStar page where subscribers can read about them for $1. They are not for the faint of heart.

REVIEW:  “The Glow, a psychological, Stephen King-type thriller by Glenn Lazar Roberts, is a science fiction, fantasy, horror story set in southwestern Native American country. It is an exciting, fast-paced tale that takes the reader through a roller coaster ride with strong vibes of traditional drug induced tribal folklore blended with unusual alien intrusion. His well-scripted characters are vivid actors who pull the reader into each vivid scene following a twisted plot to [its] climactic conclusion. The Glow is one of the best stories I have ever read.” —E L Russell

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(Apologies if you received this blog notice more than once during this adjustment to the new host.)