Maalstrom ebook sale

There is a lot happening behind the scenes. I’ll try to get it all down on this blog, one step at a time. If all goes right, in a couple of weeks ebook copies of Maalstrom will be available on Maalstrom is a sci-fi fantasy, an epic swashbuckler in the grand style of Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, in line with my attempts to make male-oriented stories available again.

A century ago Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the most popular writers in the world, writing almost 80 books aimed at young men and selling over 30 million books in his lifetime and another 30 million posthumously in over 50 languages. Robert E. Howard published many stories while alive and anthologies of his stories were best sellers after he died, the famous Conan movies based on his literary creation.

The sad part is that the rot of Political Correctness has gone so far in the publishing industry that neither Howard nor Burroughs could be published today, since their audience was almost exclusively male and today’s publishing industry is primarily oriented toward female readers. Not that there is a problem with that, and it’s not women’s fault that many young men prefer to play computer games than read, but publishers should not automatically reject male-oriented stories. There should be room for both.

But publishers increasingly are subjecting authors’ submissions to a Politically Correct litmus test, part of which is the notion that it is somehow immoral to write for a male audience–or, bizarrely enough, even that there is no such thing as masculine psychology and that it is not possible to write stories for men. Only college kids or JFK Boomers could believe such nonsense.

Anyway, Maalstrom is a not just a Conan-type carve-em-up swashbuckler on an alien planet. It’s also an exploration of the role of myth in human society and what humanity might look like if it were split into several genders that were mutually dependent but still subject to the stresses of biological evolution. Having written Maalstrom at the age of twenty–my first effort at writing fiction–I think it has more than held up over the years. Parts of the book I think are among my finest writing and the book has something important to say about human genetics and the myths and conflicts that govern all societies, on Earth as well as future planets that people may eventually colonize.