Maggie Kindles Updated

All Kindle versions of Equus / Dark Lotus Books have been updated with prices lowered to match current market conditions for eccentric works that are Just Plain Weird. All three books in my series the Adventures of Maggie the Radiated Lesbian Nun are now available in Kindles for $1.99. This a dollar more expensive than the Epubs currently available for purchase on Smashwords, but Kindles are easier to deal with and read than simple epubs.

I still think the RLN covers need updating as well. I had great fun designing them myself, but maybe they’re just too corny for most. Maybe soon.

The Warriors is a parody of the 1979 cult movie classic of the same name, ‘The Warriors’, but set within the broader 3-book plot of brainy but gloriously incompetent aliens from the planet Bogland seeking to flood the Earth with global warming to make it suitable for their frog-like species. Only Social Justice Warrior Maggie P. Squatch, illiterate queen of the Los Angeles roller derby, can stop them.

The Warriors is expected to be available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions by Sunday.