Mercedes Lackey’s

A Teaching Moment.

Far from the madding crowd dost today’s Social Justice Warrior write, embraced by global conglomerates and their cellophane orcs. I recently encountered a novel-writing thread on Quora hosted by a “flaming liberal” by name of Mercedes Lackey. I had only the vaguest notion of who this person might be, since I do my best to avoid any writer endorsed by mainstream publishing, not only to preserve my sanity but to retain my ability to compose a coherent sentence, something that seems increasingly to escape the capacity of corporate publishers fed as they are by today’s ‘progressive’ high schools.

Stumbling upon a comment by Mercedes Lackey that ” ‘cancel culture’ is an imaginary thing”, I posted a polite reply citing a few facts that she had apparently overlooked. The following was her reply to me — after ensuring that no one but me could read it, and after which she hastily deleted my comment and hers.

Stay classy, Mercedes… From the above it seems she was lying when she wrote ” ‘cancel culture’ is an imaginary thing”, for she clearly — and eagerly — endorses canceling others.

Since ability to spell must be characteristic of all cellophane orcs and not to be questioned, I also point out that there is no such word as ‘facist’, but only ‘fascist’, or more accurately ‘Fascist’. This was the political system erected by Benito Mussolini when he was Prime Minister in Italy between 1920 and 1944 when he was finally dismissed by the King, the word referring to the bundle of sticks representing the different parts of society that the ancient Romans, and the Fascist Party, united into a single nation, in defiance of Marxism, which splits society into fragments and uses the media (including large publishers) to incite them to do violence against each other. Fascist is not a pejorative, but an historical term that is of zero relevance today. There is Fascism and there is Marxism. There can be no more ‘fascist’ than there can be ‘marxist’. SJWs, who are generally poorly educated and tend to have difficulty spelling, composing coherent sentences, or knowing history, would not know any of this, and in my experience can be relied upon to shut down any conversation where they may be required to learn something.

Also, an authentic definition of “liberal” endorses a constitutional regime with free speech and free assembly and the integrity of elections. Social Justice Warriors like our SJW of the Day, Mercedes Lackey, and her lackeys, apparently do not endorse these things, which is why I assert that such are not liberals, but are lying when they claim to be liberals, and instead are members of the totalitarian PC Cult.