Prequel to Maalstrom / Selk King is finished

NEWS: I have recently completed the Prequel to Maalstrom, titled Temple of the Double-Sun, a novella of 34,000 words. This work tells the story of the original colonists from Earth as they land on the virgin uninhabited planet Maalstrom with instructions to colonize the planet. Needless to say, things go very wrong. For readers of Maalstrom and The Selk King who were wondering how it all started and why there are occasional remnants of a prior technical civilization, the story Temple of the Double-Sun will answer all your questions.

I expect to shop Temple to sci/fi fantasy magazines. If anything develops–keeping in mind that as a writer I have a certain reputation as an irreverent heretic–I will post the news here. Publishers in the past have signed contracts with me and proceeded to publish several of my books, like Arktos, only to cave to outside pressure and cancel the contracts.

Still, for the full story of my books Maalstrom and The Selk King, it is essential to first read Temple of the Double-Sun when it comes available.