by Glenn Lazar Roberts. Flores of the Turlicum pursues his lost love Amina, priestess of the forbidden Temple of Vensa, across the alien planet Maalstrom to Ra’Allah, the Island of the Sun-God. In another plot filled with eccentric characters and gruesome combat, Flores discovers the Black Pillar at the center of the world and climbs from its lowest reaches to the selks’ crystalline city in the clouds. The mysterious relationships that link Maalstrom’s bizarre species further unfold in THE SELK KING. In the tradition of Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, bloody heroic fantasy at its best!


“Compelling. Any sci-fi enthusiast would love this book.” —Writer’s Digest

“A unique, visionary epic.” —SiriusReviews

“A tour de force of the imagination. The Selk King should be compared to Tolkien or Jack Vance, with traces of Robert E Howard. I would throw in J K. Rowlings but it is pitched to an adult audience, with a little too much blood, sex, and gore. This breath-taking epic will definitely improve one’s vocabulary.” —H. Nivadonsky

“Glenn Lazar Roberts is one of the finest writers of unconventional prose in contemporary fiction. His wonderfully inventive plots and mastery of the language place him in the company of Calvino, Burges, Gass. . . Highly recommended.” —C. Thorman, author of Holy Orders

“Interesting and good.” —Angie Hardy

“An intriguing sci-fi/fantasy read.” —Kimberly Hunter


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